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Pattern Matching in Power Query

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In Power Query there is no tool yet for matching regular expressions (patterns).
Only in Power BI we can run scripts in R and Python, hopefully these languages will be added to Excel Power Query.

Until then, to solve this problem, with a little imagination, we can design our own pattern matching process.

Here is a file you can download and test:

For this pattern, “##-##-##”, (meaning 3 groups of 2 digits, separated by “-“), the query I designed is:

Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="Data"]}[Content],
List1 = List.Transform({0..9}, each Text.From(_)),
ReplacementsList = List.Zip({List1,List.Repeat({1},List.Count(List1))}),
#"Added Custom" = Table.AddColumn(Source, "Matches", (x)=> Text.Combine(List.Transform( Text.PositionOf( Text.Combine( List.Transform( List.ReplaceMatchingItems( Text.ToList( x[Legal]),ReplacementsList),Text.From)),"11-11-11",Occurrence.All), each Text.Range(x[Legal],_,8)),";")    )
#"Added Custom"

Logical Process Design:

Step 1: The solution is based on replacing any digit with 1 (or any other text). To do that, we have to create a list of digits:

 List1 = List.Transform({0..9}, each Text.From(_))

The above line will return this list:


To create the replacements list, the following line will do the trick:

ReplacementsList = List.Zip(

The result is a list of lists, to set the initial chars and the corresponding replacement chars:


The replacements are executed by the following line:


The key here is converting the initial text into a list, each character in text becomes an entry in the list. This way, a text like “sample” becomes a list: {“s”,”a”,”m”,”p”,”l”,”e”}. Once the text is a list, List.ReplaceMatchingItems will apply each replacement pairs: 0 with 1, 1 with 1, 2 with 2, and so on.

After replacement, the initial text for example will contain only “1” instead of digits as below:

"16-24-61 E/2NENE TRACT 23-44-56 COMMERCIAL" becomes: "11-11-11 E/1NENE TRACT 11-11-11 COMMERCIAL"

Step 2: Because we replaced digits with “1”, in the next processing stage, we have to identify the new pattern in the initial text:

Text.PositionOf("11-11-11 E/1NENE TRACT 11-11-11 COMMERCIAL", "11-11-11", Occurrence.All)

The result is a list of all pattern matches: {0,23} (zero based)

Step 3: In last step, we have to extract 8 chars from the initial text (8 is the length of our pattern):

=List.Transform({0,23},each Text.Range("16-24-61 E/2NENE TRACT 23-44-56   COMMERCIAL",_,8))

The result is a list of 0 or more elements, depending on the number of pattern matches:


Step 4: In the final processing stage, we just combine the matches into a single piece of text, using the code below:

=Text.Combine({"16-24-61","23-44-56"}, ";"), 

The result of this step is:



4 Comments to Pattern Matching in Power Query

  1. YasserKhalil says:

    Awesome tutorial. Can you make a video of the tutorial to be more easier and we can learn from you those magic tricks?

  2. Nosmada says:

    2 years later…

    Thank you for this very well demonstrated, explained and useful tutorial.

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