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This is the first time that I’ve ever taken the time to write a testimonial of any kind but with the exceptional work that Catalin has produced for my company, it compels me to do so.

Catalin is not only an Excel expert but almost more importantly he is able to identify your needs immediately and come up with a sophisticated solution in a timely manner and with clear and simple instructions on how to utilize the solution. Prior to the Excel powered tools that Catalin built for my small business, projects that once took me hours a day to complete now take me seconds and minutes.[…]

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I am now able to focus more on business growth and less on data entry and other clerical work.

I very highly recommend Catalin. He will complete your project in less time and money than you would expect, and will remain available well beyond completion to answer any questions or for support. Plus he’s a great guy, so if you are hesitating I hope this will give you the final push to contact him, I promise it will be the best decision you make.