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Excel CRM Tool for Personal Use

If you’re looking for a Client Relationship Management tool,

you can try the Excel CRM. The lite version has 3 modules active: Contacts, Organizations and Calendar, these are the most popular.

Download Excel CRM: Excel CRM lite.xslm

The full version has a lot more modules, as you will see on the opening page. Each module has it’s corresponding User Form:

Contacts User Form:

Excel CRM Contacts Form

Contacts Form

Events and Tasks share the same User Form, selecting from Event or Task will adjust the form:

Excel CRM New Event form

New Event form

Task Form:

Excel CRM New Task form

New Task form

How it works:

Each module has it’s own worksheet, that contains a table with only the most important fields from the database. The complete form has more than 20-30 fields, only 6-8 fields are displayed in the management sheet.

To Add a new Event/Task, Contact or Organization,

use the button from the A2 cell of each module sheet, this will open the module User Form.

If you click a cell from ID column, you will be able to see all data into the module User Form, this allows you to edit existing entries, or even to delete the entry.

On top of each sheet, there is a group of buttons, that will allow you to filter the data to see only data starting with that letter:

Excel CRM Filter by Letter

Filter by Letter

By default, the Contacts table filter is applied to Last Name column, Organizations will be filtered by the Organization Name and Calendar table will apply the filter to Subject column.

  Custom Reports:

If you click cell A4 on any module sheet, this will open the Custom Report Form:

Excel CRM Custom Report

Custom Report

This form is a great tool for finding a specific entry in a large database of contacts or organizations, you can search into the entire data, not only the front sheet.

Filters can be applied to multiple columns: in the image above, I applied a filter for Last Name – starts with “M”, and Office Phone – starts with “5”.

Use the “Add New Condition” button to apply filters to other columns from database.

Note: Do not apply multiple conditions to the same column (Field), only the last condition will be applied!

 Configuration Page:

If you click on the “Home Page”  button from cell A1 , on the bottom right side of the Excel CRM Home Page screen you will be able to activate the configuration sheet. (this sheet can be activated only from the Home Page, or you can simply unhide it)

Excel CRM Configuration sheet

Configuration sheet

Because the Contacts form  has 44 fields, only 8 fields are displayed into the Contacts sheet.

The configuration page will allow you to choose those 8 fields that will be displayed into the Contacts module sheet.

There are some fields that cannot be removed by default, they are needed by default module filters. Same principle applies to all modules.

Full data is stored on Full Contacts Info worksheet, which is hidden. You can unhide it to see the data, it will be hidden back the next time you apply a filter.

Excel CRM works in these Excel Versions:

Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, on 32 – bit or 64-bit Office versions. (Excel 2007 does not have a 64 – bit version)

Not tested on Excel 2003, but you should consider upgrading to the newer versions. Excel 2003 was great, but you are missing so many new powerful tools 🙂

Excel 2016 release is very close, new tools, new things to learn :)…

About Excel CRM Full Version:

The Full version of Excel CRM is a lot more complex, with 8 more modules, for Quotes, Invoices, Services, Products, Leads, Opportunities, Projects, Sales Orders.

The Lite version has all the forms for all modules, but they can be seen only from VB Editor, the databases and front sheets are not available.

If you need more than the free modules, or you need a special configuration, don’t hesitate to contact me to request a quote.

If you liked the Excel CRM tool, please leave a reply or share it with your friends.




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